Mason Geiger HS-1

Mason Geiger

Owner, Mason Gieger Film | C4One, Board Member

Mason is the founder and owner of Mason Geiger Photography and Film in Warsaw, IN, and has operated since 2013. He graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School in 2009, which led to work on TV shows such as Bones (FOX-TV) and the Tom Hanks animated series Electric City (Yahoo). While Los Angeles held exciting opportunities, Mason felt called to return to his home town in hopes of giving the same access to high-quality services as his clients in LA. He began working with small businesses and non-profit organizations, giving them a voice to share their mission. Mason has taken his love for storytelling to help capture and share customer testimonials and inspirational stories throughout the community. 
When Mason isn't working, he can be found on his bike or running on the local trails. He is an ultra-endurance athlete and a three-time Ironman. Mason loves testing his mental and physical limits and hopes to inspire others to do the same. He and his wife Lia have been adventuring through life together for eight years and have two black labs, Guster and Mona.