Matt Hoskins

PAYPROTEC , Founder/CEO | C4One, Board Member

Matt founded and has served as the CEO of Payment Processing Technologies, LLC (PAYPROTEC) since 2005. Under his leadership, PAYPROTEC has flourished into an electronic payments leader serving more than 10,000 total businesses nationwide. In addition to his leadership role of the firm’s 50+ team members, he loves to serve the local community and truly believes local economies can sustain themselves with the proper leadership core in place.

Matt is also the founder of Next Generation 4 Christ, Inc. (NG4C), a non-profit ministry focused on introducing, educating, & empowering today’s youth to the person of Jesus Christ. NG4C primarily serves Kosciusko County, Indiana on a local level as well as Canaan, Haiti on an international level. Matt and his wife of 21 years, Leah Hoskins, have 6 children (4 biological & 2 adopted).